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You NEED to check out these talented artists-- this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. These cats are amaziiinngg!
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Hey!! First of all, can I just say thank you for all the commissions requests?? Guys, you are all just so awesome. 💜 Also, I think I got a couple of notes worried about payment? Look, guys the first commish is always free, but if you still want to do something, I do trades!! :D I don't bite, guys. [unless you're a guy and, you know. //shot] anyway, I know I need to make new free adopts batches, so don't worry, I'm totally on that, too.

One thing I do want to mention, though [this journal has a lot of points, so], is that although I love doing commissions, I really want to try and get some of my original work out, so I have a plan.

***For the whole month of October, I'm going to be selfish and turn off doing commissions. But!! For the whole month of December, COMMISSIONS WILL BE HALF PRICED, INCLUDING CASH. Also, I might hold a secret Santa!! So, that'll be fun!

And, guys, although I love doing the points thing, I don't really use points. The only reason I allow points purchase is because I know a lot of folks on deviantart use them. If anything, I use points for small adopts or to help other artists out-- oh! I could use them to hold a contest!! Oh, that'll be fun!! We could do that in October, when I'm not doing commissions anyway, so I'll be able to focus on that!! What do you guys think?

Oh! Anyway, the real reason I opened commissions is I'm trying to save up to buy a laptop. I know, I know. I hate asking for money, and I'm sorry, but it gets really hard doing EVERYTHING from my iPad. It sucks! I worked as a part time janitor to get this thing, and it works great, but I can't do it all on here, you know? iPads are meant for the stuff you transfer from your computer to on the go. I don't have enough room for a full computer, and a laptop is just so much cheaper and easier to obtain. Look, I know that it seems like I keep moving from one quick fix to the next, but until I get into a situation where I can actually obtain expensive high tech equipment, haha I gotta use what I can. If I wait until I get those high tech things, it'll be too late.

So, I hope I don't seem greedy or that I'm being one of those stupid advertisers or anything, but please please please consider paying cash for my commissions. I know it's a lot.

ok, moving on, cus I feel like I'm being needy. I might start animations soon.

just gonna say that. >:]

Probably gonna start when I have free time in October.


One more thing: I got a twitter! Yea, literally the only reason was cus PewDiePie took off comments and now answers people's tweets instead. Yea, like I'm gonna miss out on that. So, yea! If you want more of me on your screen, follow me here!
Don't forget, I also have a tumblr!

...i think that's it. Thanks again, guys for all your kindness and patience and-- ohh!!!


SO I WANNA CELEBRATE!! [why am I in caps?] I was trying to figure out a way to celebrate, but I don't know. Someone suggested a short animation, [i asked the same question on tumblr], someone else said a giveaway. I thought I'd ask here just for good measure. I mean, this is where it all started, you know?? So, your opinions matter most to me. What do YOU guys want?

let me know, and we can figure something out! :3

ok, that's it. LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU💜💜💜


Lily Storme
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United States
Hi kids, welcome to my deviantART page! My name is Lily, and I am not a wierdo! :D Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Psst! Don't forget to check out my tumblr! Sometimes I post art exclusively there! [sketches, WIPs, and sometimes funny stuff! ...sometimes.]

Also, if you have any questions about commissions, projects, or you just want to talk, send me a message, or an email at /

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KaySlapMeh Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! Do you take requests?
LillianAStorm Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I do!! I do commissions, for either points or cash, and sometimes I do free sketch requests on my tumblr! :3

Was there something you'd like? :3
RanOfdensen Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Boop! How ya doin' girly?
LillianAStorm Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good! How're you doing?? Did you check tumblr? Muahahah...
RanOfdensen Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
hehe, thanks again for the drawing. gijinkas are so cute, love 'em! :3
LillianAStorm Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, no prob!! ;] Me too!! :D
CrystalizedVapour Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  New member
Thanks so much for the watch!
LillianAStorm Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome!!
tobycliff123 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
actually marzia also got me here i saw her video and i fell in love with the drawing and i said to myself wow i wish i could meet lillian and i wish i could draw like her 
LillianAStorm Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Gah!!! You're too nice!!! Hug 
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